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IBC stirrer / mixer station, unique solution to simplify your IBC while maintaining total closure


Automatic Connection System from Drive to Stirrer


The Mixing station houses the drive unit for the mechanincal stirrer/mixer. The advantage is that each IBC does not require its own drive!

To use, simply place an IBC into the station, press a button to automatically dock the drive and begin stir your products.

The Advantage

  • Cost-saving due to separation of drive and stirring shaft, each individual container does not have to be provided with a drive
  • Pressure-sealed assembly of stirring shaft in the lid
  • Simple connection of the drive to the stirring unit
  • Separated cleaning of container and stirring unit possible, as the stirring unit with manway lid can be completely dismantled
  • Containers remain stackable due to the removable drive
  • The stirring unit is suitable for cubic and cylindrical containers

Materials and Finsih

Non-polluting reusable container made of stainless steel 304, 316 or 316L.

Flush ground internal seams to any Ra value polish (Ra 15 µ-inch is trpical).

Super-secure, sanitary hinged twist knob manway, or one-piece clamping band design. Seals per FDA, USDA or chemical resistant (per application)

Outlet valve per requirement: Sanitary tri-clamp or flange outlet

Technical Data


Electric 208 /480 V, 60Hz, 3 Ph

Pneumatic to max. 6 bar


0.5 - 2.5 Hp, available in Explosion Proof design (C I & II, D I & II, Groups C & D)

Speed regulation

Mechanical or via gears

Electrically via frequency converter

Stirring Unit

Propeller/diagonal blade
Other types of stirring units on request