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Small Pressure Vessels



High Volume Production...Low Cost...Highest Quality

  • High Sanitary, long lasting design
  • Robotic TIG welded seams
  • Small containers with molded rubber bases and handles
  • Larger containers with rolled top and bottom skirting
  • Bottom base deep drawn (seamless) with indent for nearly 100% emptying
  • Extremely durable
  • Can be customized to your application


Transport and storage and dispensing of liquid materials for the food, chemical, paint, plastics and food industries.


1.5 to 59.4 Gallons / 5.7 to 225 liters


Product Contacting: 304, 316 or 316L

Base & Hand Grip: Series SPV-216 & 237 provided with vulcanized rubber compound all other series with welded 304 stainless skirting

* Other materials available upon request

Finish: Interior standard IIB optional electro-polish polish Exterior with cleaned welds, optional electro-polish.

Handhold Covers: Standard on series 216, 237, and 363, cannot be opened when container is under pressure. Cover is quick-release design and high sanitary.

Top head connections: All types are possible, standard is a over-presure connection and either quick-connect gas connection or NPT nipple to attach any other fitting type.

Top & Bottom: Features our unique 100% deep-drawn, easy to clean bottom and top.

Working Pressures: Maximum 29 to 87 psi (depends on container see chart on 2nd page

Technical data